Welcome  Elfi Frylinck 2019

Welcome to Offgrid Farm

For a sustainable Lifestyle

A couple of years back we have decided to move to the “Country Side” to lead a sustainable and free lifestyle. The major aim was to be completely off the grid and use solely renewable power generated by Solar, Wind and Biogas. Offgrid living is not only about being independent from Eskom. It is a whole way of life which includes also growing your own food and being able to provide the basics for the family. Even this lifestyle can be very challenging at times, we would not change a thing. The best thing is that growing our own food has led to an aboundance in many things that we were able to start a small farmstall to sell our produce.

Responsible Farming

We grow all our veggies organically and all our animals are brought up free range with the best possible food available. Our cows freely roam the fields in the area feeding on the local grass which gives the milk its healthy probiotics and super richness. Our chickens are able to scratch through the fertile soil in their large areas and provide us with fantastic dark-yellow-yolked eggs. Also our goats, sheep and pigs enjoy their free-range. Our Offgrid Bistro and Cheesery is open Fridays to Sundays, come and enjoy our homemade cheeses and other delicious dishes. We also make Pizzas, Steaks and Free Range Chicken. Our desserts are really yummy. Please contact us if you would like to order our products Freshness straight from the Farm All our fresh Farm Products are available at our Farm. Our cows and goats get milked twice daily. If you would like to order fresh milk, Please call us on 011 8752299 or 082 608 0173 so we can keep it for you. We make various cheeses, yoghurt and Kefir daily. We are also want to show you our creative side so we will make daily dishes and cakes with our produce as the main ingredient.

Looking for a venue for your next function?

We can comfortly seat up to 60 people in our outside area and cater for whatever your

needs from casual snacks to fancy multi-course menus. For the evening, our boma will

provide the perfect country atmosphere around an open fire.

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