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Raw Milk

Our milk is highest quality coming from our Jersey and Pinzgauer cows, and our Goats Milk comes from our lovely Saanen herd. We milk twice daily and if you would like to order raw milk, please order the day before so we can keep it for you. Just call us on 011 875 2299 or 082 608 0173. Please read about the advantages of drinking goat’s milk and raw milk here


We make 3 different kinds of yoghurt: Bulgarian Yoghurt which is a 100% natural yoghurt made from our full cream milk without any additions. Double Thick Greek Yoghurt which is also 100% natural jusst really nice and thick. Please note, since there is no stabelizer or milk powder added in both the above, the yoghurt can be a little lumpy. Fruit Yoghurt which we make for people who just don’t like the tart taste of the natural yoghurts. These have added sugar and stabelizer in order to make them sweet and very smooth.


Currently we make the following cheeses: German Style Quark which is a soft cheese like cottage cheese. This cheese it made from Raw Milk without Pasteurisation in order to keep all the goodness. This cheese is also a vital part in the famous Budwig Diet. Feta Cheese which has a lovely consistency and perfect for any salad and cooking Halloumi which is best fried Our Award-Winning Camembert Carmesan (grated hard camembert which is used just like Parmesan but with fantastic flavour)

Kefir and Maas

We make our Kefir and Maas daily from fresh raw milk in order to ensure all the probiotic goodness. Please find more information here


Try our lovely mild Kombucha which is made from organic Green Tea and double fermented with natural fruit pulp depending on season.

Fermented Vegetables

Depending on the season we ferment our organic vegetables. We are specially known for our Sauerkraut and fermented Beetroot.

Free Range Pork

Our pigs are fed with vegetables only and get no feed which is full of growhth hormones, GMO or other nasties. Since they roam around in large enclosures, the meat is far leaner then conventional port and you definitely can taste the difference.
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